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Below is a list of the young sires used as ram lambs in 2004 at PENDARRA.




Pendarra 1697/03                Pedigree & ASBV indexes

There are plenty of these sons about, sired by Detpa Grove 343, "Prestige" but very few with the type that this young ram has. A very soft silky head as well as carcase depth and muscling makes this young sire exceptional. Out of a ewe sired by Detpa Grove  "Classic", 1697/03 has plenty of muscle and growth, is very correct and was placed 3rd at Dubbo 2004 in a strong class.

Has some very good lambs on the ground and will be used extensively in our 2004/2005 joining program.

Pendarra 2264/03   "The General"    Pedigree & ASBV indexes

This young sire breaks the mould. With extreme length and lift and exceptional muscling without excessive leanness, he has great 'do ability'. Sired by Detpa Grove 13/99 , "Salute", this young sire has all the length of his sire coupled with plenty of muscle depth in the twist and loin and is very correct. One of the longest rams we have bred, and perhaps potentially the best, we have plenty of faith in this young sire who is attracting plenty of interest and has some outstanding lambs on the ground.

Note!   Muscle EBV of around 1.9 coupled with one of the longest shoulder to tail lengths measured, make this young sire a special one. This muscle EBV has increased significantly since his progeny have been scanned




Pendarra 2291/03                Pedigree & ASBV indexes

A high muscled son of  Lochdale 23/01 with great balance and style and a very safe ram with great type and a set of well balanced Carcase + figures to match. Has  some very good lambs on the ground and is currently one of the highest index sons from 'Lochie' who was purchased at Adelaide Royal 2002 for $9500 and has produced many impressive progeny who have had great success in 2004.



Pendarra 2732/03   "Jack"    Pedigree & ASBV indexes

They don't come more impressive than this fellow. Reserve Champion Ram at Dubbo 2004 as a young ram (August drop) and has grown on to be an outstanding young ram. He had a growth rate of close to 800 gms/day between 3 and 13 weeks (news 2003) and has sired some of the most outstanding lambs dropped by the ram lambs we have used this year. He has length, bone and muscling on a very correct frame with great style. We were unable to obtain a meaningful Lambplan index as he was too far ahead all others in his group; 25 kgs heavier than the average and 15 kgs heavier than the next lamb, 5 mm deeper muscle than the average and 3.5 mm deeper than the next best. We await the scan results of his progeny to obtain a meaningful index. Sired by LAM 006/01 , he has exceptional growth.



Pendarra 2607/03

One of the top young rams from the 2003, drop sired by

Anna Villa 119/99 out of one of our top performing ewes. A very smooth meaty ram with a great carcase, has been used lightly over ewe lambs in 2004 due to his very young age at joining, and has some very solid progeny on the ground.

A great set of balanced Carcase + figures give you a good picture of this ram.

Semen not available

If you are interested in using any of these sires, semen is able to be purchased in mixed or single

packages at $1200/30 ewe doses. They may be mixed with the 2004 Selection sires.

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