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A few of the young sires below were used as ram lambs, however some new sires have been included in this years selection. These young sires are predominately progeny resulting from the use of outside genetics to provide our breeding program with some different breeding lines. Most have been tested in our Feed Efficiency trial and all meet the strict criteria that reflects the strong emphasis we place on commercial attributes. Growth and muscle are very evident in the 2006 selection.


Pendarra 4403/06                  Pedigree & ASBV indexes

This young sire is a rare mix of strength, muscle and heavy bone blended together in a sheep that is structurally correct with a very smooth carcase and a perfectly tapered shoulder setting.  A rarity in the White Suffolk breed, this bloke exudes strength and bone with great wool type on a very smooth and ideal commercial carcase. Those who have seen this young sire are immediately impressed by the muscling and strength he displays and he will form an important part of our joining program in 2007/8. Semen has been collected from this Leahcim 71/04 son out of a ewe line decended from 2 great carcase sires Kurralea "Five Star" (PD) and Pendarra 1046/00. We cannot wait to see lambs from this bloke who was one of the heaviest rams from our 2006 drop.




Pendarra 4318/06                    Pedigree & ASBV indexes

Another impressive sire with an unbelievable amount of muscling over the loin and through the hindquarter. This Detpa Grove 486/04 son was the heaviest young ram from the 2006 drop and had the highest scanned muscle depth. A ram with a large frame and exceptional length, he already has some  impressive lambs on the ground. Semen has been collected from this young sire with great hindquarter muscle depth.


Pendarra 4706/06                 Pedigree & ASBV indexes     

Something a little different, this Anden 83 son is all growth and his very high Carcase + index reflects this. A ram with a large, long frame, he will be used selectively within our flock. Anden 83/02 and his progeny have always performed exceptionally well in our stud, we hope this young sire will be no different. His dam is an impressive ewe sired by Sonning 331 from a Detpa Grove "Supreme" daughter which is a cross we have used a lot to produce some outstanding sheep at Pendarra, so the breeding is rock solid. He is probably our 'punt' ram for the 2007/8 joining and will be also used as a benchmark for the other young sires.





Pendarra 4509/06                    Pedigree & ASBV indexes

Visually, the outstanding carcase sheep in our 2006 selection. Carcase depth, width and muscle is what this bloke is all about, sired by Middlemoor 4449/04, our allocation from the series 10 SuperWhite program. He is just what our breeding program has concentrated on over many years, carcase muscling and 'do ability' and with the progeny from Middlemoor 4449/04 performing very well in our feed efficiency trial, this bloke displays everything that we look for in a sire. He has a great short downs type wool on a very soft skin and will provide a great addition to our sire team.


Pendarra 4480/06                   Pedigree & ASBV indexes

Plenty of these genetics across many studs in Australia after the very successful use of Farrer 74. This Farrer 74 son is a little different however with a very clean, fine head and great neck extension, very obviously influenced by his dam who is sired by Penrise 1/00. Although he has a finer bone structure, he still has a power of carcase muscle with a very long and smooth carcase shape. We think this combination of the style and flawless carcase shape and structure of the Penrise sheep combined with the great carcase muscling of the Farrer sire has been expressed exactly how you would like it in this young sire. A great Carcase + index that is well balanced between muscling and growth from a young sire that is not extreme.

        Pendarra 4251/06   

        Pendarra 4250/06


Pendarra 4250 and Pendarra 4251      Pedigree & ASBV indexes        Pedigree & ASBV indexes

Put these two in the same category, twins that are both great young sires. Sired by Detpa Grove 486/04, both young sires are being retained with one being used at our other breeding location at "Morongla",just not sure which one yet. Pendarra 4250/06 has already been used as a ram lamb and was a standout ram as a lamb, he is still a very smooth correct and impressive young sire.

4250/06 @ 8months


Pendarra 4251/06 has developed into a slightly bigger ram, little bit later maturity pattern than 4250, but there is very little between them. Used over the 2 separate properties, these impressive young twins will provide a good linkage across both flocks and at the same time give us the promise of some great lambs.


Pendarra 4847/06                    Pedigree & ASBV indexes

Often said we save the best till last. This very young sire could potentially be just that. Sired by Pendarra 3554/05, a very impresive young sire that is unfortunately no longer with us, but was used as a ram lamb over some selected ewe lambs last year, this young fellow is all class. Out of a Pendarra 3050/04 sired ewe lamb, he has great carcase shape and thickness which is not surprising when you examine the credibility of his pedigree. Has a bit of growing to do yet but deserves his place in this sire team and we will find some ewes for him in 2007/08.




Pendarra 4296/06    "No 96"                Pedigree & ASBV indexes

We had no reason to retain "No. 96" as we still have his sire, Pendarra 3050/04, working  here. 4296/04 was used as a ram lamb, has some great lambs on the ground and we have collected semen from him. A great example of the type of sheep that 3050 produces and coupled with high feed efficiency and great carcase shape, exactly the mix of Carcase + figures that work for us. The outstanding young ram lamb of the 2006 drop and plenty more like him coming along this year.

If you are interested in semen from any of these sires, let us know. Semen is able to be purchased in mixed or single packages at $1200/30 ewe doses. They may be mixed with any sires from the previous yearly selections, provided semen has been collected.
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