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The 2008 selections are predominately from our 2009 Show team and have received plenty of exposure through our participation at major shows across NSW and Victoria. Our show team has generated plenty of interest and discussion as a result of their outstanding carcase attributes and after an extended break from the show scene, has provided us with plenty of highlights.


As a result of being very early selections, the entire show team has not been performance benchmarked against the majority of the 2008 drop lambs and consequently are not credited with the superior carcase performance that they exhibited as lambs when initially selected. The sire selections listed below will all be used and benchmarked for the 2010 lambing.



Pendarra 5244/08  "Cranky"                Pedigree & ASBV indexes

A sire that has been specifically developed to be the next phase of our breeding program. "Cranky" (by name only, not by nature), has achieved outstanding success at all shows beginning at Canberra Royal where he immediately caught the judge eye finishing 4th in a very strong class that included the Champion Ram and Supreme exhibit. Was Champion ram at Yass, won his class at Sydney Royal and scanned with the highest muscle depth and muscle area of all White Suffolk exhibits finishing with 96.25 points/100 in the objective measurement class. He had the 2nd highest scanned muscle of all sheep from all breeds in the shed at Sydney Royal. At a very strong showing, was sashed Champion Ram at Dubbo and awarded the exhibit that displayed best White Suffolk type.

"Cranky" is a sire that displays all the outward characteristics of a later maturing style sheep with great neck extension, good lift and length, but has an early muscle development pattern that is clearly evident across his loin, twist and right through the carcase. His scanned muscle measurements are very close to those of our earliest maturing type sires which will enable us to lift the frame size of many of our very early maturing genetics without sacrificing muscle. This will ultimately allow our clients to offload export type lambs early if the season fails without suffering a penalty for carcase muscling.

Was used as a ram lamb for 2009 drop and lambs on the ground look outstanding.


Carcase + index has improved significantly after scanning his progeny with some very good lambs. His mix of ASBV figures reflect exactly where we hoped this sire would be and his progeny have great do ability and efficiency.





Pendarra 5218/08                   Pedigree & ASBV indexes

  This ram is possibly the best sire for the commercial sheep industry we have bred. Great carcase muscling, perfect carcase shape, very high carcase yielding traits and great feed efficiency, "Jumbo" was the heaviest ram at the first weight comparison of all sires in our team and is the earliest maturing. Very correct and a very placid temperament, we consider this sire an outstanding example of what the commercial lamb industry is demanding at present.

Outstanding muscling through the hidquarter with both extreme width and depth and tapering up to a very smooth shoulder setting without sacrificing muscling throughout the entire carcase.

This sire will be extensively used in the 2010 program, and given his very sound pedigree, we expect some very interesting progeny.




Pendarra 5261/08                Pedigree & ASBV indexes    

"61" is the ram that young Corey is holding as is part of the pair of rams that finished 2nd at Canberra Royal, 1st Yass, 1st Sydney Royal and 1st at Dubbo. Their commercial suitability is clearly evident and "61" displays all the attributes associated with high yielding carcase type. Great muscling, good body depth, good bone and a very clean soft Suffolk type appearance gives this sire plenty of appeal. He will be retained as our replacement for 3808/05 and we cannot wait to use this sire and see some lambs on the ground. The muscling through the hindquarter of "61" is exceptional with great butt shape and depth.

Pendarra 6277/08                Pedigree & ASBV indexes    

Son of Woolumbool "Crickey" out of a very good Burwood ewe, this triplet ram provides a very classy outcross for our breeding program. Will be selectively used over our ewes in the coming year and should be a handy inclusion in our sire team. Negative birth weight coupled with high growth will match well with the carcase attributes of many of our ewes.

As a ram lamb

Pendarra 6802/08 "Majestic"                Pedigree & ASBV indexes  

This young August drop sire is all class and has been so since he was a lamb. Great type and carcase, this Pendarra 053753 son will provide another option for our breeding program. Great structural correctness and a smooth shape makes him a very safe option for our program and we look forward to seeing just what he can produce. When scanned, recorded an exceptionally high muscle depth for his age and was plenty of kilos ahead of the others in his group.


Lambs on the ground have only confirmed our confidence in this sire. The heaviest lambs at weaning and post weaning, highest muscle measurements and good levels of fat make 6802 a great prospect for our stud. Perhaps the most impressive aspect of his lambs are their consistency, all showing great carcase attributes and type. This sire is truly majestic!

Pendarra 6459/08                Pedigree & ASBV indexes 

A Pendarra 053808 son that is being retained in the basis of his unbelievable muscle scan figures at scanning. A full 5 mm above the next best scan, and this achieved under relatively tough conditions. This ram does stand out in the mob and is very smooth and exhibits all the carcase attributes that his sire is renowned for. We have kept Pendarra 085261 (see above) as our replacement for 3808 who has been sold on to "Cowobbee" White Suffolk stud, but this bloke will get a run to see just what he can produce. Too much muscle to overlook.


If you are interested in semen from any of the sires in our show team, let us know. Semen is able to be purchased in mixed or single packages at $750/30 ewe doses.

We are offering semen from these sires at a discount simply because of the fact that they are part of our show team and have not been correctly benchmarked. The confidence we have in these sires is demonstrated by the decision to retain the 3 sires listed above as replacement sires for some influential rams in our stud and we have confidence that they will perform above their current figures.

085244 has lambs on the ground and his Carcase + index has improved around 20 index points after scanned data was entered.

If you require any more information on any of these rams please Contact Us.


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