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The 2009 selection represents the 100% focus we have toward commercially profitable traits, growth, fat and muscle all in balance.

This year we used 7 ram lambs in our joining and judging by the lambs on the ground, they have performed exactly as we had hoped. The 2010 drop lambs are looking exceptional, very even and currently enjoying the benefits of a much better season.

Due to the use of many of our top ram lambs and the joining of our best ewe lambs, we only showed at Canberra Royal this year preferring to put the genetics to good use in the paddock.

We have selected an extensive group of 2009 drop sires for sale including the ones listed here, check out these at our Rams for sale link

We intend using a significant number of rams lambs for next years joining so some of these sires will be surplus to our requirements.



Pendarra 096924                 Pedigree & ASBV indexes    

Great carcase ram out of the top priced ewe purchased at Detpa Grove 2009 annual mated ewe sale and is sired by DG 080136 "Shockwave". This young sire has been DNA tested as part of the Sheep CRC pilot program and has lambs on the ground at Pendarra. Very impressive as a young lamb, he has continued to grow out as we expected and exhibits all the carcase traits we value at Pendarra; efficiency and carcase depth.

Will be retained in our stud if not sold.

Pendarra 096965                 Pedigree & ASBV indexes  


No photo enhancement here, this bloke is as thick as he looks! A young sire that has stood out since day 1, has been used as a ram lamb at Pendarra and has been DNA tested with Sheep CRC. Another 5630 son that displays outstanding early maturity and an efficient carcase, and his progeny certainly look as impressive as he does. The thickest of our 2009 drop rams we will just let the photo tell the story on this fellow.

Will be retained if not sold.

Pendarra 096981                Pedigree & ASBV indexes 

A very interesting mix of genetics in this sire, purpose bred to produce just such a sire. Looking very similar to his sire, Pendarra 075630, this ram was part of the Show team we took to Canberra Royal and attracted plenty of attention. He has been DNA tested and was heavily used as a ram lamb with some very handy lambs on the ground. Exceptional length, especially through the loin, and a great topline, he has plenty of muscle in the hindquarter and a great suffolk type. One of the first young sires we decided to retain in stud however he is for sale under specific sale conditions.

Pendarra 097342                Pedigree & ASBV indexes 

Possibly the pick of the progeny we obtained from the ewes purchased at 2009 Detpa Grove mated ewe sale, this son of DG 080323 is from a GP 023756 daughter. Has lambs on the ground and has been DNA tested by Sheep CRC. He has also been nominated as a reserve sire for the Series 15 SuperWhite team. Great carcase depth and balance make this sire exceptional. A very alert sire with great loin length and width.

Will be retained in stud unless sold.

Pendarra 097482                Pedigree & ASBV indexes 

This bloke is a little gem and one that has stood out since just after birth. Outstanding shape through the hindquarter with a very efficient frame and carcase. This young sire was used as a ram lamb, has been DNA tested and made the trip to Canberra Royal where he was the subject of plenty of attention. Another very good son of DG 641with a splash of White Dorper on the dam side.

Pendarra 097551                Pedigree & ASBV indexes 

This solid ram slipped our attention early in selection but really stands out now. Ar result of our SuperWhite sire allocation (Fingerpost 05W099) this well balanced sire will be retained if not sold (Conditions apply to sale). Carcase depth, bone and he exudes sire strength. The Pendarra 053685 breeding line keeps finding its way into the pedigree (in this case the dam side) of our top sheep and he is performing exceptionally well in another high profile stud.


If you are interested in semen from any of these sires, let us know. Semen is able to be purchased in mixed or single packages at $1200/30 ewe doses. We will have semen collected from just a few of these sires but are more than happy to collect any of these sires on order, provided enough time is allowed.

If you require any more information on any of these rams please Contact Us.


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