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The 2012 selection represents arguably the best genetics we have produced to date and with a consistent focus on the traits that are important to the Australian sheep industry, we have made additional gains across all our focus areas. In addition to the quality of the genetics, these young sires have proven their ability to perform under some of the most trying conditions we have seen at Pendarra.

All sires have been DNA tested for both carcase and meat eating quality (MEQ) traits.



Pendarra 120786                 Pedigree & ASBV indexes  

No need to second guess this sire as he is all class, despite the smudge on his nose. The highest growth sire in our 2012 drop with a WWT ASBV close to 11 confirmed with genomic testing that puts WWT at 11.3  The dam of this sire is a twin to Pendarra 097342 who has performed exceptionally well at Pendarra and was included in the Superwhite program.

His MEQ traits are all OK with Shear Factor at -1.87 and IMF at 0.2 and despite a slightly lower than average muscle EBV for our stud, he has the early growth we are always striving for and has continued to look the goods for some time. His sire is from the Leahcim selection (100227) we put together in 2011 and they have produced some very good progeny.


Pendarra 120855                 Pedigree & ASBV indexes 

A very safe sire for our program as evidenced by the outstanding carcase ASBV's, this Farrer 100135 son is one of a few from this sire we will keep and make  further selections closer to joining. Our top F 135 son has suffered an injury so will wait on the success of his recovery before deciding against using this sire and a few others. A safe ram with a bullet proof pedigree.


Pendarra 120587              Pedigree & ASBV indexes 

Possibly the pick of the progeny from Farrer 100135 and outstanding across all performance and Genomic testing. Apart from the injured F135 son, this sire is our highest performing animal in the 2012 drop and has very credible MEQ results especially in the area of lean meat yield (LMY) where he has the highest value (+0.81) we have tested in our stud to date and one of the highest in the WS breed coupled with very good tenderness and IMF values.

On all values alone this young sire is exceptional, throw in an impeccable temperament, great carcase shape and clean, faultless structure...not much else to say!


Pendarra 120843                Pedigree & ASBV indexes 

A young ram from the Superwhite link sire (DG 080066) we used last year and while a little more extreme than we would normally retain, may have a use in our stud. A good solid pedigree on the dam side should ensure he will work well with our genetics and with a positive LMY value of +0.33 and good MEQ traits, will provide another option for this years joining. Also has a good mix of carcase trait ASBV's with good muscling and balance across the figures.

Pendarra 120613               Pedigree & ASBV indexes 

A good young sire from LH 100613 which we were allocated as part of the SuperWhite program. With very high growth and balanced fat and muscle ASBV's, he represents good a safe breeding prospect for next years joining. This is especially evident when looking at the dam side of his pedigree where 2 very good sires are represented; DG 080350 and MR 030572, both who produced outstanding sheep at Pendarra.


If you are interested in semen from any of these sires, let us know. Semen is able to be purchased in mixed or single packages at $1200/30 ewe doses. We will have semen collected from just a few of these sires but are more than happy to collect any of these sires on order, provided enough time is allowed.

If you require any more information on any of these rams please Contact Us.


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