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The 2013 drop of rams were the most difficult for some time from which to select our keeper sires as the consistency and quality was as good as we have ever produced. The other pleasing aspect was that despite the use of some industry leading sires through our AI program, several of our own sires actually out performed the top sires in our AI program, especially Pendarra 119662 who was our top performance sire on raw figures for this drop. The carcase muscling and suitability of this selection is outstanding with high Carcase + figures and muscle ASBV's in the top percentile band for terminal sires

All sires have been DNA tested for both carcase and meat eating quality (MEQ) traits.





The average Performance figures for the rams selected below as at the 15/08/2014 are as follows;

           Pwt 15.6   Pemd 2.2  Carcase + 205  with very good MEQ values

Pendarra 131136                Pedigree & ASBV indexes  

Plenty of seedsstock producers used Pollambi 451 in their AI programs with good results and we were no exception, but not many look like this young sire. A great smooth carcase shape with outstanding muscling and a degree of softness about him makes him exceptional. Not much to fault anywhere and the top performance sire in our drop. Great neck extension, good topline and style means this bloke will get plenty of work and we look forward to seeing how he performs. A pedigree on the dam side contain 2 of our best ever sires, Pendarra 043050 and Pendarra 053708 makes this young sire a safe option for any breeding program.

Hr Free  60421

Genomic MEQ Values   IMF   0.25  SF5 -0.3


Pendarra 131153                Pedigree & ASBV indexes 

All barrel and carcase this Ella Matta 110042 son is the heaviest sire in our selection. From the allocation we received from the SuperWhite program, we had great success with EM42 and could have chosen a few sons but this fellow picks himself. Not only is the muscling in this sire evident through the hindquarter and loin but runs right through the carcase as evidenced by the photo displaying muscling through the neck region. Despite this, he is a great shape, and structurally sound and we keep him busy at joining time.

A genomic breeding value for SF5 that is within the top percentile band is just another plus for this sire.

Yet to be Hr tested

Genomic MEQ Values   IMF   0.25  SF5 -2.9



Pendarra 130970            Pedigree & ASBV indexes 

This young sire typifies our breeding objectives and a quick look at his pedigree shows why. With Pendarra 043050 appearing on both sides and ASBV values that are basically our benchmark for breeding objectives, he is exactly what had hoped to get from Ashmore 179 when we decided to use him. High muscling, high growth, zero for fat and low birth weigh and a very impressive set of MEQ values with both IMF and SF5 in the top percentile bands. Good thing he looks the part physically as well!


Hr Free  60437

Genomic MEQ Values   IMF   0.41  SF5 -2.3



Pendarra 130399               Pedigree & ASBV indexes 

While working with the students at McCaughey White Suffolk Stud (Yanco Ag High School), both the students and I selected a young sire for inclusion in their program, McCaughey 110011, and this sire is exactly what we had hoped to gain by including him in our AI program. A super smooth carcase displaying exceptional muscling with a balanced set of figures, he is a good outcross for our program and like his sire, has impressive MEQ traits. A very smart sire that has been noticed by a few good judges of sheep.


Hr Yet to be tested but low probability

Genomic MEQ Values   IMF   0.37  SF5 -2.2


Pendarra 131146              Pedigree & ASBV indexes 


Another Pollambi 451 son without the style of Pendarra 131136 but lacks nothing in relation to carcase and muscling. High muscle, positive fat and very low birth weight makes him a good option for our breeding program. A sire with more bone than the average for our program and displays a lot of sire strength with a very smooth safe shape and an exceptional backend with loads of meat in the twist.

The sire of dam is 097551, a ram that was used here and then sold to another stud but has produced outstanding progeny including Pendarra 119662.

Hr Free  60422

Genomic MEQ Values   IMF   0.14  SF5 -0.6


Pendarra 131140              Pedigree & ASBV indexes 


Another Ella Matta 110042 son with a similar carcase to 1153 but a different type of ram without the dominance of his half brother. a very safe choice for out team with outstanding performance figures and a great smooth carcase shape once again showing muscling right through the carcase.


Hr Free  60398

Genomic MEQ Values   IMF   0.22  SF5 -1.4


Pendarra 131083              Pedigree & ASBV indexes 


A young ram that continually catches the eye, not for his looks but his carcase. Run your hands over him and he is a solid as any ram I have ever judged. Great carcase sire by Pendarra 119511 from the SW Genetics sire line. This fellow has also caught the eye of a few visitors and with the dam pedigree having a double dose of Pendarra 053808, it is no surprise he has the visual carcase muscling he shows and a Genomic value for SF5 in the top percentile band. This sire has the highest growth rate ASBV of our selections.


Hr Free  60273

Genomic MEQ Values   IMF   0.15  SF5 -1.8



There are several other sires that we will be retaining for use including;


Pendarra 131220              Pedigree & ASBV indexes 

Genomic MEQ Values   IMF   0.55  SF5 -2.7



Pendarra 131197              Pedigree & ASBV indexes 

Genomic MEQ Values   IMF   0.23  SF5 -2.4


Pendarra 131115             Pedigree & ASBV indexes 

Genomic MEQ Values   IMF   0.11  SF5 -3.4 








Pendarra 119662             Pedigree & ASBV indexes 

Genomic MEQ Values   IMF   0.27  SF5 -0.5   

Pendarra 120587             Pedigree & ASBV indexes 

Genomic MEQ Values   IMF   0.15  SF5 -1.9   LMY 0.43 






If you are interested in semen from any of these sires, let us know. Semen is able to be purchased in mixed or single packages at $1200/30 ewe doses. We will have semen collected from just a few of these sires but are more than happy to collect any of these sires on order, provided enough time is allowed.

If you require any more information on any of these rams please Contact Us.


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