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The 2014 drop sire selections represent exactly where the industry is at; carcase volume, good muscling and a do-ability factor that is producing some great results for clients. The main problem in selecting this group was which ones in the 2014 drop to exclude, not which ones to select..

All sires have been DNA tested for both carcase and meat eating quality (MEQ) traits.





Pendarra 141655                Pedigree & ASBV indexes  

A fairly easy choice for our selections with everything that represents our breeding objectives. Cacase volume, quiet temperament, good shape and a very easy doing sheep with high muscle and positive Pfat

This sire is a selection for the SuperWhite series for 2015/16 and has been nominated for the Sheep CRC resource flock population.

His sire Pendarra 120786 performed exceptionally well for us and there were plenty of progeny just like this fellow, but he gets the points just on balance and performance, and a rock solid pedigree that will ensure his success in our breeding program.

Hr Free  60431

Genomic MEQ Values   IMF   0.18  SF5 -1.3


Pendarra 141723                Pedigree & ASBV indexes 

This bloke has a twin, but he wins just on balance. Extreme carcase volume and muscling sets this young sire apart from almost all others in out 2014 drop, demonstrating just how much carcase you can include in an easy doing, high performance sire. He has been a standout sire from day 1 and will get plenty of use, along with his twin, in next years joining. Also nominated for the CRC resource flock, the MEQ values for IMF and SF5 are both in the top percentile bands for terminal sires. Once again with high Pemd and positive Pfat ASBV, exactly what the industry is looking for.

Just a standout carcase sire in a very, very neat, faultless package!

Hr Free  30068

Genomic MEQ Values   IMF   0.43  SF5 -2.6


Pendarra 141698            Pedigree & ASBV indexes 

The positive attributes of our breeding program just keep coming and this sire has it all. High muscling, high growth, moderate for fat and low birth weigh plus a very impressive set of MEQ values with both IMF and SF5 in the top percentile bands. With a Carcase plus index over 200, he meets all the criteria for us.

The other advantage for this sire is that he provides a bit of an outcross for our program without compromising what we have been striving for over many years. It is becoming more difficult to find an outcross that meets all our criteria and this fellow does that perfectly.

Hr Free on pedigree

Genomic MEQ Values   IMF   0.46  SF5 -2.4



Pendarra 141681               Pedigree & ASBV indexes 

Once again, a young sire that meets most of our objectives. From our Superwhite allocation (Woolumbool 117386), he also falls in the top percentile band for Wwt and both IMF and SF5 with a positive Pfat ASBV.

Great structure and balance in this young sire with a 'bomb proof' pedigree on the dam side.

Hr Not tested but low probability

Genomic MEQ Values   IMF   0.53  SF5 -1.9


Pendarra 141657              Pedigree & ASBV indexes 


Another smart young sire that falls in the top percentile bands for both Pwt and Carcase plus with the early growth that his sire of dam, Pendarra 086802, was renowned for. He also has that softness and structure of  'Majestic' so is throwing very much toward the dam side of his pedigree.

Hr Free  60424

Genomic MEQ Values   IMF   0.28  SF5 -0.3


Pendarra 141722              Pedigree & ASBV indexes 


Twin to Pendarra 141723 with ASBV values in the top percentile bands for Pemd, Carcase + and SF5. With positive Pfat levels, he will probably be used alongside his twin for the 2016 drop lambs. There is not much difference between the twins.

Twin Hr Free but untested 

Genomic MEQ Values   IMF   0.21  SF5 -2.7


Pendarra 141803              Pedigree & ASBV indexes 


Not quite the performance values of the previous selections but visually an outstanding young sire and the advantage that he provides a bit of an outcross for our program. In the top percentile band for Trade$ and also IMF so still fits within our tight criteria for breeding objectives.

Structurally faultless with plenty of carcase and volume, he is a very smooth, soft and placid ram.

Hr Free on pedigree

Genomic MEQ Values   IMF   0.46  SF5 -0.9


Pendarra 142033              Pedigree & ASBV indexes 

Probably don't need another Pollambi 451 son as the outstanding Pendarra 131136 is still here but there was something about this young sire that is different, and not just his pedigree. From the AI program we conducted with our 2013 drop ewe lambs, he has great carcase volume and while we deliberated over retaining him, he was just too good to leave out of our selections. At least he is here if we decide to use him; great muscle ASBV, positive fat and -'ve Bwt; fairly good combination of performance values and always being conscious of finding outcross genetics.

Hr Free on pedigree


Pendarra 142038             Pedigree & ASBV indexes 

Another young sire from our ewe lamb AI program and once again, one that we deliberated over, the problem when you have an excess of outstanding performance values to select from.

Fairly rock solid pedigree and one that we can use without getting too close in genetics.

Hr Free on pedigree


Genomic MEQ Values   IMF   0.27  SF5 -0.2

Pendarra 141801 /  Pendarra 141870             Pedigree & ASBV indexes 141801      Pedigree & ASBV indexes 141870  

Two young sires that visually we would not normally consider apart from the fact that they both are from Pendarra 119407, they are visually identical across all aspects and both have both Wwt and Pwt values in the top percentile bands without sacrificing muscle and the other traits that are essential for us. We have plenty of ewes that will provide a good option for these two sires. A little 'leggier' than our usual selections, they have the ASBV values that provide us with some good joining options.

Hr Free on pedigree


Genomic MEQ Values (141801)   IMF   0.24  SF5 -1.7





If you are interested in semen from any of these sires, let us know. Semen is able to be purchased in mixed or single packages at $1200/30 ewe doses. We will have semen collected from just a few of these sires but are more than happy to collect any of these sires on order, provided enough time is allowed.

If you require any more information on any of these rams please Contact Us.


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