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AVAGO 25/05   "ATOMIC"

Avago 25/05 set new standards at Adelaide Royal when he recorded one of the highest scanned muscle measurements seen in the White Suffolk breed and he is only an August drop ram. Recording a 51mm eye muscle depth, he had the top scanned depth of the 300 White Suffolk exhibits at Adelaide and was close to the highest measurement from all breeds in the shed. Consequently this young sire attracted plenty of attention and comment and was described by many as "a young ram ram with unbelievable muscling". A very correct ram with good bone and a very clean soft head, this young sire has great pedigree including Detpa Grove 100/99, "Supreme", Leahcim 127/94 "Meatman" and Aylesbury Farm 3/92. This young sire is one that will add muscle and carcase length to any breeding program without losing type.

Lambplan EBV's - {date}

Carcase + BWT YWT



10.76 0.09 0.94



                                                                      YARRAHAPPINI 1076/02

                                  PENDARRA 3053/04

                                                                       PENDARRA 1654/01    Sired by DETPA GROVE 100/99

        AVAGO 25/05

                                                                       AYLESBURY FARM 3/92

                                  PLG 29/01

                                                                       PLG 30/99   Sired by LEAHCIM 127/94


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