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We will frequently use this page as a notice board to let you know what is happening within our stud and allow new visitors to our site to see some of the highlights over the past few years.

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Highlights 2007 

Pendarra 3050/UK crosses

Following the collection and freezing of embryos from all the UK cross ewes in May/June, Pendarra 3050/04 was left with the ewes for the next cycle  to allow us to evaluate just what we had in the way of potential progeny. The lambs were born late 2007 into the driest conditions possible and since then have shown an amazing ability to not only survive but exibit great do-ability. The young lambs are looking very impressive and as a bonus, all but one lamb was pure white and they are all ewe lambs. We are now confident that the embryos we have frozen will provide some very interesting and impressive white lambs. The ewes are also showing the ability to look after the lambs during a very difficult season, a trait from the UK Suffolk genetics we had thought may be missing given their origin.

The use of the UK cross ram lambs in the 2007 joining also produced some outstanding lambs from our White Suffolk ewes and once again a very high pecentage of white lambs and mostly ewe lambs. We will have some very handy 2nd cross lambs to use in next years joining that have very good muscling and great carcases.

Pendarra 4529/06 (UK cross ram) has been selected and used in the Sheep CRC trial for the 2008 lambing


Pendarra 3050/UK cross ewe lambs

Latest ASBV results from 2007 scanned progeny - Great carcase values!

The recent results of the scanned analysis of our 2007 drop lambs have given further credibility to the sires used from the 2005 Selection. As we predicted Pendarra 3808/05 has increased his muscle ASBV and now has a significant positive muscle ASBV to go with his extremely high Weaning weight and Post Weaning weight values. Pendarra 3708/05 and 3753/05 have also benefitted from some outstanding progeny scans to be not far behind 3050/04 and 3808/05. One other ram, 3685/05 that we have always thought highly of due to his outstanding muscling has returned a progeny tested muscle ASBV of above 2 with a significant negative birth weight.

Below is a list of the current ASBV values of these sires and an preliminary selection of the 2007 drop young ram lambs that we will be collecting semen from pending further selection pressure. These values are dated 1st November 2007 and will change slightly over time so click on the link (sire ID) to visit the Lambplan data base for updated values and view pedigrees.

Especially note the current Carcase plus index of Pendarra 3050/04 which has elevated this outstanding sire to very high level, all very good except that he has recently died due to snake bite and due to high demand, semen stocks are very limited and sale of semen will be discontinued shortly. The young Pendarra 3050/04 sons listed below will certainly be relied upon to take his place in our upcoming breeding program.

All these tested sires have scanned progeny and accuracies well above 80% so we are confident they will breed as these figures indicate.

Pendarra 3050/04   Carcase +  210    Pwwt 16.5     Pfat -0.5    Pemd 2.4    Bwt  0.2

Pendarra 3808/05   Carcase +  199    Pwwt 17.5     Pfat -0.2    Pemd 1.0    Bwt  0.2

Pendarra 3753/05   Carcase +  196    Pwwt 13.8     Pfat -1.43   Pemd 1.0    Bwt  0.6

Pendarra 3708/05   Carcase +  190    Pwwt 14.9     Pfat -0.7    Pemd 0.7     Bwt  0.6

Pendarra 3685/05   Carcase +  162    Pwwt 11.0     Pfat  0.75  Pemd 2.1     Bwt - 0.3

Pendarra 4296/06   Carcase +  171    Pwwt 11.0     Pfat  0.1    Pemd 2.1     Bwt   0.1

Some 2007 drop ram lambs that have been identified as potential sires

Pendarra 5485/07   Carcase +  205    Pwwt 16.7     Pfat -0.7    Pemd 1.5      Bwt  0.2   Pendarra 3808/05 son

Pendarra 5630/07   Carcase +  202    Pwwt 15.8     Pfat -0.2    Pemd 2.4      Bwt  0.0   Pendarra 3050/04 son, could be the best in '07

Pendarra 5370/07   Carcase +  200    Pwwt 15.8     Pfat -0.4    Pemd 2.0      Bwt  0.3    Pendarra 3050/04 son, exceptional young sire

Pendarra 5676/07   Carcase +  188    Pwwt 15.4     Pfat 0.5    Pemd 1.3      Bwt  0.2    Pendarra 3808/05 son

Pendarra 5123/07   Carcase +  189    Pwwt 14.9     Pfat -0.1    Pemd 1.5      Bwt  0.2    Pendarra 3050/04 son

Pendarra 5307/07   Carcase +  186    Pwwt 13.6     Pfat 0.3     Pemd 2.8      Bwt  0.2    Pendarra 3050/04 son

Pendarra 5919/07   Carcase +  181    Pwwt 12.9     Pfat   0      Pemd 2.1      Bwt  0       Pendarra 3685/05 son

The carcase attributes of these young sires are exeptional and the sheep and their ASBV values speak for themselves. Any enquiries are welcome as several of these young sires will be for private sale. To see photos and pedigrees of some of these young sires go to 2007 Ram lambs.


2005 Selection prove outstanding choice

Initial Lambplan analysis of birth weights and weaning weights on progeny from the 2005 selection rams has justified their initial choice in our stud breeding program and our decision to used these sires exclusively in last years joining program.

All sires increased their ASBV values with 6 of the 8 sires making their way into the White Suffolk Elites. All have positive eye muscle ASBV's.


Pendarra 3808/05 is the sire we had most expected to greatly improve his Carcase +index, which he did, and he currently has an index in the 190's with an exceptional weaning weight ASBV, one of the highest in the White Suffolk breed. He has sired our leading index ram lamb and given the visual appearance of all his progeny, (and himself), his muscle ASBV will improve significantly once his progeny are scanned.


Pendarra 3708/05 and Pendarra 3753/05

Both Sonning 331 sons from vastly different ewe lines and both these rams have always been outstanding and we were confident of the type of progeny they would produce. Currently with Carcase + values in the 180's, these 2 sires have some very impressive lambs on the ground. Several of the outstanding ewe lambs of the 2007 drop are sired by 3708.

Pendarra 3909/05 and Pendarra 3901/05

Two young sires from the Mount Ronan sire, 572/03, both these sires are all muscle. Pendarra 3901 has been used sparingly and only has a few lambs (not enough to qualify for Elite listing) on the ground whereas 3909 was used as a backup ram and has plenty of fast growing young lambs in the July/August group.

Pendarra 3513/05

Unfortunately this young sire met with an accident and is no longer with us but not before he left some very well muscled progeny. Scanning of his progeny will determine just where his muscle ASBV settles but all the progeny look just like him, barrels of muscle.


Another of our favourite sires we used from the 2005 selection was Pendarra 3685/05 with close to 80 progeny in the 2007 drop lambs. Many of the outstanding lambs are by this sire and we expect 3685 to sire a high proportion of the top rams when it comes to selecting next years team. At present, pedigree is not helping his Carcase + index but with a significantly negative birth weight ASBV and great muscle, this sire has had a big influence on our sheep.


New White Dorper sires

At the 2007 National White Dorper sale we acquired 2 new sires, Good Shepherd 705/06 and African A223/06. These 2 young sires are individually completely different types and will add both genetic diversity and great carcase muscling without sacrificing the significant achievements we have made in developing a composite sheep with an outstanding commercial carcase and a very soft covering free of coarse hair. Our commercial clients are achieving wide spread recognition through processors for the quality of lambs being produced from our sires, and with these 2 new sires, coupled with the influence of  Glen Park 680/04, we look forward to being able to combine all the positive attributes of our genetic base to further enhance the reputation of our composite sires.


Good Shepherd 705/06                              African A223/06

Pendarra expanding

As part of our future plans, a selection of our ewes have been relocated to our daughter and son in laws property, "Morongla", 20kms south of Ardlethan. This has allowed us to increase the number of mature joined ewes to around 630. We did not join ewe lambs this year due to the drought but given a reasonable season, these changes will allow us to join over 730 ewes annually. Peter and Fiona Minchin will manage their ewes using the same genetics and management that has traditionally been practiced at Pendarra, and they have previously been involved with trialing Pendarra genetics as maternal sires. Flock rams will be marketed direct from their property under the prefix "Pendarratoo" and progeny will be Lambplan performance tested against all lambs from both stud locations.

2007 Joining

We begin 2007 in the worst drought in living memory, however we feel the standard of sheep we have produced over the past few years has been exceptional.

Pendarra 3050/04 is just one of the Pendarra sires that have been achieving outstanding results in many White Suffolk studs throughout Australia.

Our 2007 joining has just been completed and, for the first time since the foundation of our stud, all 630 stud ewes were joined to Pendarra sires, (no outside sires were used) and due to the drought, we decided against doing an AI program. All of the 2005 select rams were used, Pendarra 3050/04,2264/03 and 3395/04 as well as a few selected young ram lambs from our 2006 drop.


PENDARRA 3050/04



Pendarra 4296/06                          Pendarra 4250/06

Pendarra 4296/06  The pick of our 2006 drop lambs, he is an outstanding young sire, sired by 3050/04 and typical of the type of sheep that he produces. A very soft, clean young ram with great muscling. Very correct ram with a very smooth carcase, a standout young sire that exudes muscle with great type, one to watch!.

Highest scanned muscle depth of all our 2006 drop ram lambs.


Pendarra 4250/06 is one of the the best sons we produced from Detpa Grove 486/04, we have used two DG486 progeny as ram lambs and both are very robust young sires with great bone, muscling and frame. This bloke is exceptional and will grow into a very strong, massive ram, his twin is not far behind him.

Other outstanding young sires from the 2006 drop that were used as ram lambs;

Pendarra 4261/06  A stylish Leahcim 185/04 son that has always been an impressive lamb from day one. A very clean ram with great lift and plenty of muscle, has a place in our breeding program.

Pendarra 4318/06   All carcase and growth, this Detpa Grove 486/04 son is the heaviest of our 2006 ram lambs with the equal highest scanned muscle depth. Exactly the type of sheep that excel in our stud and we expect some great progeny from this bloke.

Pendarra 4523/06  A handy young ram that has a great pedigree, sired by Mount Ronan 612/04 out of the dam of Pendarra 3050/04. Very good scanned muscle depth and carcase.

Pendarra 4541/06  Another great carcase sire from the SuperWhite allocation, this time Woolumbool 4793/04 that is exhibiting great carcase muscling at an early age.

Pendarra 4483/04 & 4503/04  We used two UK Suffolk cross ram lambs that are showing exceptional muscling. The UK Suffolk line scanned very well for muscle and the progeny from these two will be interesting.

Pendarra 4403/06  Not used as a ram lamb but will get plenty of use next joining, this Leahcim 71/04 son is all strength with great bone and muscle. One of the best carcase sheep we have seen at this age, he comes from our Kurralea 5-Star ewe base. Another ram lamb from this sire line, Pendarra 4217/06, may also sneak into our selection for next year due to his exceptional scan results and great type. Leahcim 71 has produced some outstanding progeny in our 2006 drop.

We will have more information and photos of these sires in our 2007 Selection later in the year. Some outstanding, well balanced carcase sires in this selection all benchmarked against highly accurate elite sires.

Commercial trials

We are currently testing a group of 2006 ram lambs in another feed conversion trial to confirm some of the results we found in our initial trial. Included in this trial are 24 sire lines including the lambs from the UK Suffolk line.

Results from the AWSA lamb trial are finalised and the 2 sires we included in the trial performed exceptionally well. Both demonstrated very good muscling with the leading ASBV of 1.8 obtained by Avago 3015/04 followed by Pendarra 2260/03 with1.3 Pemd. Pendarra 2260 was one of the outstanding sires in the trial for growth, carcase yield and commercial profit. His lambs had the highest percentage of red meat yield in the expensive area of the carcase and with high carcase weights, demonstrated that our breeding emphasis on commercial traits is achieving results at the commercial level. One other result that pleased us was that Pendarra 2260 had the leading birth survival rate and gave no lambing difficulties, more live lambs on the ground, less management problems.

It is pleasing to get feedback from trials such as these that support our breeding objectives and give us confidence to continue selecting sires, such as the 3 above, that are excellent commercial sires. It is also pleasing to let the sheep do the talking!

Feed Conversion 2nd Trial

Some very interesting results from our 2nd feed conversion trial with Pendarra sires once again demonstrating that the emphasis within our breeding program on do-ability is having a positive effect on feed conversion. Progeny from Pendarra 3050/04, 3238/04 and 2264/03 performed very well again, with a young ram lamb from one of the sires tested in the first trial (Pendarra 3554/05) also performing very well. One surprise improvement was progeny from Mount Ronan 572/03 that performed exceptionally well in this trial after being unexpectedly below average in the previous trial. The effect of birth type (twins or singles) on feed conversion was also tested and showed a significantly higher feed conversion amongst young sires from multiple births when compared to singles. This effect will be further investigated in subsequent trials.   


 Feed conversion over initial 6 week period                                                 Feed conversion average for 4 month period      


One interesting result was the performance of the Meikelson U20 (UK Suffolk) cross lambs who had very high feed conversion ratios. Just what effect hybrid vigour has had in this result will be tested further but they are showing very high growth rates but are above average eaters as well. They are looking great and we await some scan data on these young sires, 2 of which were used in this years joining program.


There are some very interesting young sires within this test group, the 2 photographed above are just a sample of the tremendous carcase sires produced in the 2006 drop lambs. The influence of these young sires coming through, along with the outstanding Pendarra 3050/04 who is currently one of the leading White Suffolk sires of all time with a very high muscle index and a great balance  of ASBV's, will ensure we are not just standing still in our breeding program. Measuring traits such as Feed Conversion will only assist us in selecting young sires that will keep us moving in the right direction and there are plans to expand our young sire testing into new exciting and innovative programs. Keep watch for more information.


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