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Elite Stud Sires

These sires have all been used at Pendarra and a few in outside studs through semen sales. All have been benchmarked against  our accurate older sires.


Pendarra 075370


 An outstanding young sire in the same mould as his sire, Pendarra 3050/04. High growth, high muscle and outstanding carcase depth makes this sire an excellence carcase producing sire. Very clean and alert with exceptional width through the hindquarter, he has been used extensively in our 2008 joining and has been used in the 2008 Sheep CRC program. One of the leading sires from our 2007 drop and a sire that is currently ranked amongst the top percentiles for both Growth (15.5) and Muscle (2.0). Carcase + 200            

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Pendarra 075630

  This sire is one of the outstanding young sires in the White Suffolk breed that is creating plenty of interest due to a unique set of ASBV's. High growth (15.6), very high muscle (2.4) and low birth weight (0) have ensured that he has already been well used at Pendarra with semen distributed to several outside studs. Another Pendarra 3050/04 son that could be even better than his 'old man', this very correct and stylish ram is certain to be one to note with a Carcase + above 200.

Progeny are exhibiting exceptional muscling and feed efficiency.   

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Pendarra 075307

 An outstanding sire with impressive pedigree and ASBV figures. With a muscle index of 2.7, high growth and low birth weight, this very clean ram is just another example of the type of sheep that Pendarra 3050/04 consistently produces. This sire has not yet been used at Pendarra but will be part of next years sire team either as a sire or through AI. An impressive pedigree on the dam side that includes Galaxy Park 1470/95 and Woolumbool 8017. Carcase + 185

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Pendarra 075676 

 A very clean and smooth sire that has been used as a ram lamb at Pendarra. Alert and very mobile, this sire has plenty to offer and is one of our favourite 2007 drop ram lambs. An interesting mix of Leahcim, Fingerpost and Penrise genetics, this is the top pick of our Pendarra 3808/05 sons. Outstanding feed conversion and do-ability. Some very impressive lambs on the ground.

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Pendarra 075492


  Another Pendarra 3050/04 son that has been used as a ram lamb at Pendarra. The dam side of the pedigree is from our Sonning 331/02 breeding line which has resulted in a very solid and impressive carcase sire. With a very high growth ASBV of 16.6, low birth weight and good muscle(1.4), this ram is a very strong and safe sire with a Carcase + index over 200. Some great  lambs on the ground, this bloke is proving to be an exceptional sire.

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Pendarra 075658


 This son of Pendarra 3685/05 is an impressive young sire that has been used over a selection of our ewe lambs. Style and muscling allows the use of this sire despite his relatively lower Carcase + index of 170 with good muscle, growth and low birth weight. A Leahcim dominated pedigree on the dam side coupled with an impressive Anna Villa 119/99 son as the sire, this young sire will more than likely increase his index once benchmarked against our accurate sire base.

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