"Avago" was formed mid 2003 as a joint initiative between "Pendarra" and "Wanden" White Suffolk studs. With a combined ewe base of over 900 ewes, and using the latest in reproductive technology and performance recording, our aim is to produce high performance rams that are attractive to both processors and lamb producers. Often when breeding high performance sheep, some of the attributes of the breed or traits that are important to both processors and producers are lost. This can be best demonstrated by the fact that sheep that perform well on the show scene are rarely high performance sheep with balanced EBV's. Also some of the best features of the White Suffolk breed are often inversely correlated to some high performance EBV figures. Maintaining a balance of both the performance figures and the conformation and appeal of the sheep is important. A ram must not only have balanced performance figures that will make him ideal for trade/export lamb processors, but must also retain the physical attributes of the White Suffolk that have earned a high reputation among lamb producers. Our mission is to produce rams with this balance between genetic performance and physical appearance, with an emphasis on maintaining White Suffolk type.

Not an easy objective, but with the use of Lambplan performance recording and with careful selection of the best genetics from within the White Suffolk breed we feel it is achievable, or at least we are going to "Avago"

Genetics from "Avago" will be available through Performance plus Genetics and at selected ram sales across Australia. The stud will reside at Wanden and is currently OJD MN2 status and Brucellosis accredited.


 This year, Avago made its show debut at both Sydney Royal and Adelaide Royal. After having the heaviest muscle ram and 2 ewes at Sydney Royal, we travelled to Adelaide with, what we consider, the best ram we have produced so far from our program.

Avago25/05 had the highest scanned muscle depth from over 300 White Suffolk exhibits and was only eclipsed by a couple of mature age sheep from another breed otherwise would have been  the best muscled sheep across all breeds in the shed. Great result given that Avago25/05 is only an August drop lamb and was giving away plenty of age to most of the exhibits. It is an outstanding feat for an August drop lamb to hold the highest scanned muscle depth and we cannot remember it ever being achieved previously in any breed. This outstanding young ram is just what we are hoping to achieve in the Avago program. A sheep that has plenty of muscle, very commercial, is true to type and has exhibited well at one of the top Royal shows for the breed. This young ram, as well as the ewes that were well noticed at Sydney Royal, will form an integral part of our next phase of the Avago program, to concentrate on outstanding commercial sheep that are true to type.

This ram was noticed by plenty of good judges at Adelaide and has semen available from Perfomance plus Genetics.


For further details contact;

Murray Long  ( 02)  69 757 210

Dennis Duffy  (02)   69 488 627

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