Pendarra White Suffolk Stud is located on the northern edge of the Riverina, NSW. The property is located in the mixed sheep/wheat area and we crop around 320ha annually on 450mm annual rainfall. With hot summers and no irrigation, the climate provides a good insurance against some of the disease problems that occur in more favourable areas. The sheep are run on both natural and improved pastures as well as grain stubbles. They are allowed to grow out without being force fed as we believe this gives a more accurate indication of the true potential of our sheep. Any progeny that cannot maintain acceptable growth rates at an early age are culled.

Extensive performance and breeding records are kept within the stud with the use of Lambplan. This gives us the ability to use these records to increase and maintain a high standard within our stud. Ewes are computer matched at joining to give us the best possible combination of genetics resulting in a very even line of sheep.

Animal Health
All ewes are drenched annually using a drench rotation system and also receive an annual 6 in 1 injection. Lambs are drenched and injected several times to ensure maximum growth potential. Lice are controlled using an annual backline application.

The stud is Accredited free of Brucellosis and also has no history of footrot. We are situated in an Ovine Johnes Disease Free Area (4 points) and no incidence of the disease has ever been reported in the area. All the sheep introduced into the stud are either vaccinated, MN1 or better. We are very conscious of the risks of introducing disease and take every precaution to minimise our exposure to potential infections.

Industry Involvement
The stud has been registered with the Australian White Suffolk Association since our formation. We are also participants in the National Young Sire Program, now the Superwhite program. Murray was the foundation Chairman of the NSW White Suffolk Breeders Group, holding that position for 4 years, and was the Vice President of the National White Suffolk Association and conveynor of the Research and Development committee during 2005. In 2006, Murray was elected President of the National White Suffolk Association, a position held for the extended term of 3 years.

Murray also is a member of the MLA Lamb Forecasting committee, the SGA Sheep Advisory Council and the Sheep CRC Site advisory committee at Cowra.

Pendarra consistently provide genetics for the National Sheep CRC trial and have around 70% of the White Suffolk genetics being DNA tetsted in the Sheep Genomics program.

Ram Sales

Rams are available on property by appointment. Rams are graded and reasonably priced so producers can purchase rams without the pressure of the auction system and take their time when selecting their rams. We realise that some producers require assistance and advice regarding their ram selections and we consider the one to one contact of on property sales is the best way to foster a closer client relationship. We attempt, using Lambplan figures and clients sales results, to match your ram purchases to your production system giving you the best opportunity to maximise your returns. Rams are grown out under commercial conditions so you can be sure that what you see is what you get, and they are going to continue to work for you when you get them home. All rams are guaranteed to survive through the first joining, or are replaced.

For any enquiries regarding ram sales please contact us early as each year we have had total clearances of rams.


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