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In addition to our Pendarra White Suffolk stud, we have a White Dorper stud flock. As one of the original registered White Dorper studs, we established our stud with embryos imported by Ida Vale (Western Australia, Flock 3) and 2 high performance rams from Parilla (South Australia, Flock 31). The initial attraction to the White Dorper breed was the outstanding 'do-ability' and muscling that are the trademark of the Dorper genetics. We were fortunate to find an exceptional sire, Parilla 49/98, as the base for our stud, an extreme sire with exceptional length and scale, as well as great muscling and is currently ranked as one of the highest performance (No. 3) White Dorper sires in the Lambplan data base. We also used Parilla 8/98, a high muscle sire that  was  also a great shedding sheep. This sire is also one of the leading White Dorpers on Lambplan performance being ranked in the top 6.

It is important to note that our White Suffolk and White Dorper studs are run as separate breeding lines and a great deal of attention is paid to the exclusion of objectionable fibres on any of our White Suffolk sheep. Obviously the higher percentage composites contain the associated medulated fibres however we use only White Dorper sires that have the softer finer coat, not the longer hair types.



Original plans were to use our White Dorper stud to provide specific genetics that would best suit the infusion of White Dorper genes into our White Suffolk stud. While this has been achieved with outstanding success, consumer demand has also seen us develop a line of high percentage White Dorper composites developed from a White Suffolk base. With specific selection for carcase length and scale, our composite sheep are showing great carcase length and lift and are of comparable size to our White Suffolk sheep, but still exhibiting all the specific traits of the White Dorper such as shedding, high feed conversion and exceptional do-ability.



By working with selected clients, we have developed commercial maternal lines that contain varying percentages of White Dorper genetics that best suit their specific situation. The feedback we are getting from both commercial producers and processors indicate outstanding results from our composite rams and those producers we are working with. Improved fertility, easier management, more live robust lambs and consequently greater $$$$ returns are just some of the advantages of incorporating Dorper genetics into a prime lamb breeding enterprise, whether it be on the maternal side or from the sire.

Shown below are figures taken from actual kill sheets, Southern Meats, Goulburn NSW, from lambs supplied by one of our ram clients using composite rams. The comparison is between traditional 2nd cross lambs (1st cross ewe X Poll Dorset) and lambs containing White Suffolk/White Dorper genetics.

56 Traditional 2nd cross lambs

     Av. weight (HSCW)   22.7 Kg                 Av Price /head    $86.65

24 White Dorper composite lambs

     Av. weight (HSCW)   25.5 Kg                 Av Price /head    $92.03

NOTE! The White Dorper composite lambs were 3 weeks younger than the traditional 2nd cross lambs and according to the processor, were the superior carcases.

We have had many years of experience assisting clients incorporate White Dorper genetics into traditional maternal genetics and strongly believe that the results speak for themselves. The increased financial returns and superior carcases provide a "win-win" situation for both producers and processors. The use of maternal lines of ewes containing White Dorper genetics has also found a place with the increasing trend toward Organic Farming. The resistance to both external and internal parasites means that these lines of composite ewes can be managed with minimal threat of  problems and income loss due to uncontrolled parasite outbreaks.

The Future

We will continue to breed both pure White Dorper and high percentage White Dorper composites for use by commercial lamb producers. The use of Dorper genetics in the prime lamb industry is gaining a reputation, not for the expected source of wool contamination, but for the outstanding quality carcases that are being noticed by lamb processors. We believe the advantages that Dorper genetics have proven in the areas of management, ability to survive when the going gets tough and then produce a carcase second to none, make them a valuable genetic resource given the current trends in the Australian sheep industry.ompositesWe



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