ULEY 080038                                KARYNGAL 080P69


Both young sires are very soft with great carcase muscling and shape. We a little more emphasis on shedding potential, we expect some great results from these 2 purchases from the 2009 National sale at Dubbo.

The Karyngal sire was 82 Kgs with 43 eye muscle and the Uley sire at 80kgs had 40 mm eye muscle, with both sires very similar types of sheep depite having vastly different breeding pedigrees.



To incorporate some new breeding lines and genetics in to our program, we attended the 2007 National White Dorper sale at Dubbo. We found 2 sires that would not only provide some totally new genetics but would compliment the huge gains we had made in regard to carcase muscling and softness in our composite breeding program.




An alert young sire with great style and neck extension and a very smooth, faultless 80Kg carcase with 40mm eye muscle depth and only 4 mm of fat. A very soft ram with no coarse hair covering, this ram will fit well into our composite breeding program.



The youngest ram in the National sale with an impressive 73 kg body weight having 5 mm fat and 39 mm eye muscle. A different type of ram than we have used in the past with great bone, strength and is all muscle from nose to tail. Muscle just bulges from this fellow who we expect to develop quite a bit more and will form an integral part of our future breeding direction, especially at the high percentage end of our program..


These sires will also appear on the White Suffolk sire list as part of  Performance plus Genetics

Glen Park 680/04 and Glen Park 417/04 purchased at National White Dorper sale 2005

Semen available from both these sires

Glen Park 680/04

    Semen available   $1500/30 ewe doses   Pedigree and ASBV values

This young sire was outstanding at the 2005 National White Dorper sale, Dubbo where he had one of the highest scanned eye muscle measurements in the sale. Scanning 45mm at 89.5 Kgs with only 5.5 mm fat he was purchased for the 3rd top price of $9,500. Great carcase depth and muscle will make this sire a great addition to the Murrandi stud.

This sire has lived up to his raw measurements at the time of sale and has now been progeny tested against many of the leading terminal sires. Currently he has one of the highest Lambplan muscle ASBV's of all terminal sires at around  4 and is the leading progeny tested White Dorper for muscle. Coupled with an impressive Carcase + index, this White Dorper sire promises to be one of the outstanding sires in the White Dorper breed and is leaving some very good sheep with outstanding muscling, growth and softness.


Glen Park  417/04    

     Semen available   $1000/30 ewe doses

This young sire slipped under the guard of most at the National Sale at Dubbo. Weighing just 74.5 Kgs, he had an outstanding muscle scan of 42mm with 4 mm fat making him arguably the highest muscled ram in the sale when corrected for weight. A very soft sire with outstanding shedding ability and great style, neck extension and length, he will be used in an AI program at Murrandi and over selected White Suffolk ewes.


Parilla 49/98


No Semen Available

Many of the pure White Dorper and Composites are based on this sire. A sire with tremendous length and scale, is was a pity that no semen was able to be collected for future use. One of the highest performance White Dorper sires used in Australia, he provided an outstanding base from which many top composite rams as well White Suffolk sheep were bred.

Parilla 8/98

No Semen Available

A very high muscled and complete shedding sire, many of the high percentage composite ewes were developed from this sire. Also ranked in the top few perfomance recorded White Dorper sires used, his ewes continue to breed well.


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