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Highlights 2004 

White Dorper Composite program

Apart from our White Suffolk stud we also run a small White Dorper stud and, while the two studs are run independently, we have been infusing some White Dorper genetics into a small selection of some White Suffolk ewes with outstanding results. However we have also been infusing White Suffolk genetics into the White Dorper with the same degree of  success. The larger frame and length of the White Suffolk has had a big impact on the relatively shorter, lower set White Dorper resulting in some huge sheep with good length but still retaining all the White Dorper characteristics such as shedding, non selective grazing and 'do ability'.

Our high percentage White Dorper composites are being used with great success by organic producers and traditional lamb producers that are looking for a more easy care lamb. Outstanding growth, muscle and toughness are being reported as the big advantages of lambs from our composite sires.

Below is our top Composite sire 860/02 who is 75% White Dorper and is a huge ram with outstanding length and muscle. He is sired by Parilla 49/98 and has plenty of lambs on the ground.


                    Pendarra Composite 1860/02 "Tyson" (75% White Dorper)   

                                                            Semen no longer available  

White Suffolk Maternal Sires

The use of the White Suffolk as a Maternal sire has long been discussed as a viable alternative to the traditional Maternal sires currently being used. Around 3-4 years ago, Pendarra was developing a Maternal line of White Suffolk sires but the program was put on hold when the terminal sire market expanded rapidly. With the present situation of low national sheep numbers and a renewed interest in the use of White Suffolk/Merino cross ewes as a suitable 1st cross dam, we have resurrected our Maternal breeding program to develop a Maternal line and included a commercial trial on a clients property using some of our selected sires. Recent National trials have shown the White Suffolk is as good as any as a Maternal Sire and early indications from our trial work supports this. We are currently using around 40 White Suffolk stud ewes in the Maternal breeding program and our commercial trial involves around 120 Merino ewes. The initial drop of 1st X lambs are displaying exceptional growth, length and wool quality, and a proportion will be joined as ewe lambs to White Suffolk sires to evaluate mothering ability and fertility.



        The type of wool that can be obtained              Some of the young 1st cross lambs from the

        by using selected White Suffolk sires                                     commercial trial


"JACK" Impresses judge at Dubbo 2004

Described as a very impressive ram with great length and muscle for a young ram as well as displaying a touch of "arrogance" , Pendarra 2732/03 ("Jack") won the very strong young ram class and then went on to be sashed Reserve Champion Ram ahead of a strong lineup at Dubbo. He then led the Sires Progeny group into 3rd place and the winning group of 1 Ram and 2 ewes.

"Jack" is sired by Leahcim LAM 006/01 who has produced some outstanding progeny across many studs in 2003 and is reportedly performing very well in the AWSA National Lamb Trial.

Our other ram entry, Pendarra 1697/03, finished 3rd in the April/May drop young ram class and also impressed the judge with his correctness, muscle and type. A son of Detpa Grove "Prestige", "Radar" has an outstanding carcase and great type with a soft silky head.

With a reduced team due to the ongoing drought, our team of 2 rams and 10 ewes collected a total of 7 place ribbons plus Reserve Champion Ram, from a total show entry of 170 sheep, a very pleasing result.


     RESERVE CHAMPION RAM DUBBO 2004                       Also impressive at Dubbo, 

              PENDARRA   2732/03 "JACK"                             PENDARRA   1697/03 "RADAR"

Lochie progeny continues to impress

Progeny from Lochdale 23/01 continue to impress with outstanding results at the recent Sydney Royal and Dubbo Show. The ewe who made her debut at the National Field Day, also went on to claim Champion Ewe at Sydney Royal 2004 and Champion Ewe at Dubbo 2004 being named Supreme White

Suffolk at Dubbo. Progeny from Lochie also won the inaugural Keith McIntosh Memorial Shield for the Sires Progeny Group of three sheep at Dubbo.


                                   Champion Ewe Sydney Royal 2004


National Conference Orange

At the National Conference and Sheep Show held at Orange in February, both Champion Ram and Champion Ewe were sired by rams from the Performance plus Genetics list of sires.

Champion Ram was shown by the "Wanden" stud with a son of Penrise 63/01. This ram was also well placed at Adelaide Royal 2003 when shown as a ram lamb.

Champion Ewe was exhibited by "Allengate" stud with an outstanding ewe sired by Lochdale 23/01.

Congratulations to both studs on their success.


        CHAMPION RAM ORANGE 2004                CHAMPION EWE ORANGE 2004

                Sired by Penrise 63/01                             Sired by Lochdale 23/01    



Although initiated last year, 2004 has seen the development of a new initiative under the "Pendarra" and "Performance plus Genetics" titles.

"Avago" White Suffolk Stud was registered as a joint venture between "Wanden" and "Pendarra" White Suffolk studs and the first drop of ET lambs will hit the ground in April 2004. This initiative will add nother level to the peformance orientated breeding program that is already part of the stud breeding program at "Pendarra" and we are confident that the objectives we have set can be achieved.



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