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We will frequently use this page as a notice board to let you know what is happening within our stud and allow new visitors to our site to see some of the highlights over the past few years.

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Highlights 2010 

"THE Outcross Sire"  

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The one problem with a number of outstanding high performance sires within any breed is that once all breeders have used the best high performance genetics available, it becomes difficult to source new genetics that  contain something different to what you already have within your own flock. This has definitely been the case within our own flock, and also within the White Suffolk breed. When you eventually find a sire that is not only a complete outcross across the whole pedigree but compliments or adds to your breeding program as well, then you know you have found something special. We have been searching for such a sire for a few years now and have finally found him in the form of Langley Heights 090353. We expect this sire to not only provide genetic diversity but also add to the gains we have made over past years. Great carcase shape and muscling, tremendous sire strength and structural correctness along with an impressive White Suffolk type are the first attributes that catch your eye and the list grows from there. This September drop sire sire is very soft, not only over the entire carcase but also on the points and face with a nice silky covering.

A good balance of ASBV values, Langley Heights 090353 has been DNA tested as part of the Sheep CRC pilot program, has been used as a ram lamb at Langley heights with lambs on the ground and, at this stage such is the high opinion of Barry in relation to this sire, is intended for use in next years joining. He will certainly get plenty of use here as well and will be benchmarked against out accurate high performance sires in the 2011 joining.

Unique purchase


It is not often you have the opportunity to purchase a ewe of the quality attributed to the Illoura ewe that was judged Champion ewe, Supreme White Suffolk exhibit and Reserve Interbeed ewe at the 2010 Adelaide Royal. Generally regarded as one of the best ewes the White Suffolk breed has produced, Illoura 090792 had a scanned eye muscle at Adelaide that matched the many of the top sires in the shed. The late June (29/06/2009) drop ewe, still holding her lambs teeth, scanned an impressive 50mm eye muscle and coupled with exceptional length and White Suffolk type in addition to being an outcross for the breed, was a standout ewe amongst plenty of good sheep at Adelaide this year. Purchased by Performance plus Genetics at the elite sale, she will kept busy and we have a short list of sires that will potentially be used in a flushing program with her. Embryos will be available on request with either the sire of your choice or from the sire selections we have made. Contact us for details.

Interesting weaning weight results - especially for 086802

Recent weaning weights has only confirmed our confidence in Pendarra 086802. This classy sire (pictured below as a young ram lamb) produced lambs with the heaviest weaning weight average and most consistent lambs within a group that included Pendarra 5630/ 5492 and DG 080350 (who has performed exceptionally well in our flock with the heaviest lambs in most other lambing groups).

Pendarra 086802, a very late 2008 drop lamb is sired by Pendarra 053753 and has always been an outstanding prospect for our breeding program. Not only displaying faultless conformation and good carcase qualities, he also has outstanding White Suffolk features with a classy Suffolk type head and good frame size. The outstanding result of inspection of his progeny, apart from their weights, was the consistency of the lambs. All progeny were very even in regard to type, carcase and structure with no obvious culls. For a sire to throw lambs that are all potential 'keepers' demonstrates the potential impact this fellow will have in any breeding program. The big plus is that he provides a good option for our breeding program providing an outcross for a majority of our breeding lines, and indeed the White Suffolk breed.

The other pleasing result from our weaning data was the performance of Detpa Grove 080350 who, apart from the group that included 6802, had the heaviest lambs and has been well benchmarked against out high accuracy sires. These lambs are displaying exceptional thickness and strength and we expect some good scan data from these 2010 drop lambs.

Roll on scanning time!  ..........Scanning complete and we had to check our scanners vehicle when he left to make sure it was not full of 6802 progeny. Without exception his progeny scanned up exceptional indicating great muscling and just a fraction more fat than the average of sire lines. The most pleasing aspect was the consistency of the lambs with regard to type, muscling, fat and weight. It has been quite some time since we have witnessed such an impact in our lambs from the use of a single sire and given our involvement in Superwhites and the homebred sires we have available, that is a significant impact. Detpa Grove 350 progeny also produced some very good results and given that both these sires were benchmarked against our highly accurate sires, the next wait is to see just what Lambplan do with the data. Given the impressive frame size and type of 6802, we have definitely produced a sire that "bends the curve" in relation to muscle, fat and do ability.



Lambing well underway


We made a decision to slightly increase our stud ewe numbers to 900 for the 2010 lambing and used some very interesting ram lambs in our program. Our new Detpa Grove sire, "Power Plus" (080350),  has some outstanding lambs and his lambs should be well represented in the top lambs of the drop.

One sire that we have had great confidence in was Pendarra 086802 (pictured left) a late drop ram from the 2008 drop and therefore was not used as a ram lamb. He has produced some unbelievably good and consistent lambs this year and we wait to see how they develop. If they are anything like him, we will be more than happy.

Once again we have benchmarked several young rams against 075630 and 075492 and have plenty of options with regard to sire choices. The lambs this year are the most even we have produced with it becoming increasingly difficult to pick sire based on visual appearance.

All the ram lambs we have used this year (7 in total) have been DNA tested as part of the Sheep CRC pilot program. This program will allow genetic evaluation on a range of traits before any evaluation of progeny, therefore allowing more accurate assessment of potential sires. With many of our sires in the past being included in the Sheep CRC trial, our genetics are getting some real scrutiny and evaluation across a wide range of traits which can only be of value to all in the Australian sheep industry.


Judging at Wagin Woolarama

Early in March I was selected to judge at the highly regarded Woolarama in Wagin, Western Australia. It was a great honour to judge some very good White Suffolk sheep in a state as far removed from NSW as you can get. Many thanks to all in the West who made my trip so enjoyable and I managed to get out of WA without any threats so assume made a few breeders happy with my decisions. It was great to catch up with stud breeders from all breeds who I have got to know over the years but distance does not allow frequent visits. As you can see, the judging was not always easy with a lot of very even and outstanding sheep presented but managed to get the good ones sorted in the end.



Solid result at Canberra Royal

We once again made the trip to the "big country show" and came away with some solid results.  Although no champion ribbons, we collected at least a second place in almost every class we entered and once again received plenty of interest from commercial producers. Several of the young rams we exhibited had been used in stud previous to the show and now have some outstanding lambs on the ground and a majority of the ewes in the show team were joined and are currently earning their keep raising lambs. As a consequence of the decision to join the ewe lambs and use the ram lambs for joining, Canberra Royal was the only National Show we attended.



Great result for our Composite sires

Congratulations to W & K Hamblin, Matong, NSW for achieving $210/ head for a line of 160 ewes developed using our composite sires. These ewes were developed from a White Suffolk ewe base and using selected White Dorper composite and White Dorper sires, an impressive line of ewes was bred that have been consistently producing premium quality lambs for a number of years. Despite years of difficult seasons, these ewes have thrived with very good lambing percentages.


      This result was eclipsed shortly after with a large line of ewe lambs making $218. There is no doubting the impact that these type of sheep are going to have in coming years. The sheep industry is going through a period of high prices never before seen in Australia and, in the short term, it will not change too much.

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