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Illoura 070143 "Next G"
Purchased by Pendarra at Adelaide Royal Adelaide 2008.

Illoura 070143  "Next G"                                

Introducing "Next G", purchased at Adelaide Royal 2008 and will be the first outside introduction to our sire base for a few years. This sire is a complete outcross for us and is all about balance and red meat yield as we move to the Next Generation in our breeding program. This impressive sire has all the attributes that we consider will become important in the lamb industry over the next few years; high red meat yields,  a smooth waste free carcase and a great softness of skin and wool indicating high meat quality and tenderness, as well as a very placid temperament. Great muscling through the loin and hindquarter, carcass depth and all in a very correct smooth frame and easy doing sheep.

This sire is extremely well balanced on both Lambplan ASBV's and raw scan data. Weighing around 130 Kgs at the Royal with a good balance of fat (11mm) and muscle (53mm), this sire is just what the lamb industry is demanding. The scanned muscle of 53mm was one of the highest at Adelaide and ensured this sire was one of the more impressive sheep making the 4th top price at the elite sale.

A ram with great type, high meat yield traits, easy care attributes; the ideal sire for the next generation in any breeding program.

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