We are, as stud producers, very conscious of the demands and changes in the prime lamb industry and are continually looking to introduce new genetics and ideas to ensure our sheep are keeping pace with the industry. Our genetics have been independently tested to ensure that we meet all the requirements demanded by processors and consumers therefore producing exactly the type of lambs that will be accepted by all involved in the Australian prime lamb industry.

We aim to produce sheep that are:

  • fast maturing
  • well muscled
  • of a good temperament
  • able to perform in a wide range of environmental conditions
  • easy to lamb
  • highly fertile
  • free of wool on the face and points

Our main objective using all the above points is to produce genetics that have 'do-ability' and are able to deliver higher returns to our ram clients through increased numbers of lambs, easier management and the ability to perform under paddock conditions.


We realise that not all producers or all regions have the ability to produce lambs of equal quality so we are constantly looking to provide some variation that enables us to best match rams to individual clients requirements.


Above all we provide a service to our clients through newsletters, advice and contacts to assist them in their prime lamb enterprise.

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Murray & Diane Long
"Coondarra" Ardlethan, NSW 2665
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