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Sires that are no longer current within our stud are listed in the Sires Archive  page to allow quicker viewing of all our current sires. We still have plenty of semen from the many benchmark sires in the archive and these sires may be re-introduced into our breeding program at some time in the future. This section provides a great history of the development of genetics within our stud, and in fact the White Suffolk breed.

Below is a list of the sires currently used or available for use within the stud. Click on photo or sire ID to see a better photo, click on "Pedigree & ASBV indexes" to see pedigree and Lambplan details:



The carcase attributes just keep getting better and the 2014 drop rams are exactly where the lamb industry is at the moment. Great carcase volume, good muscling and moderate fat all bundled together in an easy doing, early maturing package.

The results from our ram clients is evidence that the breeding objetcives of past years are paying dividends and thgis drop of young sires will only add to that success



Without doubt the best lineup of potential young sires we have been able to select from for many years. With an Average Carcase + index of over 205, high muscling with most close to positive fat ASBV's, they are exactly what the market prefers. All have been DNA tested for MEQ and many of these young sires fall in the top percentile band for IMF and SF5.

Considering the summer these lambs came through, they are both visually and genetically outstanding.


A great selection of quality sires made selection from the 2012 drop very difficult. The tough season had put these young sires through some of the most difficult seasons we had seen and the ones that performed best managed to get a "guernsey' in our team ensuring outstanding do ability under limiting conditions. Fortunately very few of our sires failed under the testing conditions; testament to our tough selection policy that does not pamper our sheep just to make them look good.

Check our top picks and visit the sale page for those we have additional to our requirements. All sires have been DNA tested.

PENDARRA 2011 SIRE SELECTION  (click to see initial selections)

What a difficult decision it was to make our selections from the 2011 drop rams. Our AI program and natural joining produced some outstanding young sires that reflect the commercial focus of our breeding program. Pleasing to also note that DNA testing on these sires has confirmed the performance data collected as well as providing an indication of the eating quality of the genetics.

Several of the sire groups will have several rams included as we intend to retain at least 2 sires within the same breeding line to enable backing up groups of ewes with a syndicate of identical sire lines. This will enable us to condense our joining program across a large number of ewes. We are especially excited about the quality young sires from Pendarra 075630, one of the outstanding sires for meat eating quality in the prime lamb industry, and these young sires will form an important part of our breeding program as we include eating quality into our breeding strategy.

Browse through our selections and take time to also visit the Rams for Sale page.


    Semen available




See news for photos and descriptions

Leahcim 100172  Outstanding young sire with semen retained by Leahcim for use. One of the best sires offered by Leahcim in 2010 with a set of ASBV's that reflect the exact requirements of the Australian lamb industry. Top price sire at Leahcim on property sale 2011.

Leahcim 100227  Another outstanding carcase sire from Leahcim with great length and type. The equal of 100172 in most areas.


Leahcim 100257 Completes the trio of Anden 275 sires that will be used to build a base for future breeding directions at Pendarra

All sires have been performance tested and are in the top percentile bracket for Growth, Carcase plus and Trade lamb index

 Semen available on request


PENDARRA 2010 SIRE SELECTION  (click to see initial selections)

Some outstanding young sires resulting from our 2010 drop lambs and a selection of these were joined to the 2010 drop ewe lambs. Detpa Grove 350/08 produced several outstanding young sires that are being retained for further use in 2011/12. All sires retained for use in the stud have been DNA tested for Hypo and our policy is to only use DNA tested free sires.

Have a browse through our 2010 drop selections; we are very pleased with the mix of genetics that are represented by these sires and will be making further selections from the 2011 ram lambs for use in our next joining.

     $1000/30 ewe doses


Langley Heights 090353                  Pedigree and ASBV indexes       

  (click for more photos)

At last a total outcross for the White Suffolk breed that has all the breed attributes that we at Pendarra have been searching for. The more we look at this bloke, the more we like him. Great carcase shape with plenty of muscle in the twist and hindquarter, very correct with good sire strength coupled with softness and type and a touch of presence and class. This very clean sire with all the carcase attributes the lamb industry is demanding (low birth weight, good muscling and a very efficient carcase) has been used at Langley Heights with lambs on the ground; will be used again in next years joining at Langley Heights and has been DNA SNP chipped as part of the Sheep CRC pilot program.

We, and indeed the White Suffolk breed, have been searching for an outcross to compliment the advances made in recent years, we are confident this sire is just what we have been searching for.

Selected for Sheep CRC research program 2011

PENDARRA 2009 SIRE SELECTION  (click to see initial selections)

Our 2009 drop lambs produced some outstanding sires and 7 of these were used in the 2009/10 joining. All ram lambs used have beed DNA tested as part of the Sheep CRC pilot program. Several of our 2009 drop selections are out of Detpa Grove ewes purchased at their biannual mated ewe sale which have provided us with some genetic diversity; for the remainder, some selective joinings resulted in some very interesting young sires.

Both 6924 and 7342 have been included in the 2011 Sheep CRC reasearch program for 2011 joining


$1200/30 ewe doses


Detpa Grove 080350  "Power Plus"             Pedigree and ASBV indexes

This young sire has all the carcase and sire potential that we have been looking for to add to our genetics. Detpa Grove 080350 has an impressive Carcase +index over 200 as well as a very strong pedigree including the Detpa Grove elite ewe line leading to his sire Detpa Grove 050361 (Power) , and Galaxy Park 023756 on the ewe side the pedigree. This young sire has tremendous bone and structural correctness, great wool type and will provide a new genetic line for our breeding program.

The sire power and impressive hindquarter muscling exhibited by this sire is a good indicator of high feed efficiency and we are confident that he will add to these specific traits that we have been working on over many years of selective breeding. With a very high and well balanced Carcase plus index, he will be kept busy during the upcoming joining program and we are confident will combine well with the genetics within our stud.


This sire has performed exceptionally well in 2010 with many outstanding lambs on the ground. Weighing of 2010 drop lambs at weaning have indicated that "Power Plus" has the heaviest and thickest lambs  in most lambing groups and consequently has been well benchmarked against 5630 and 5492. We look forward to watching these lambs develop.

**** $25 per ewe dose  ****

      $750/30 ewe doses

PENDARRA 2008 SIRE SELECTION  (click to see initial selections)

The 2008 selections come primarily from our 2009 Show team that have produced some outstanding results during the year. The comments received on the carcase attributes and commercial suitability of our complete show team are confirmation of the emphasis we have ben placing on producing genetics that are exactly what the Australian prime lamb industry is demanding.

As these young sires were selected early for show preparation, they were scanned and weighed as part of a small group and not compared to the majority of the 2008 lambing group. As a consequence, their calculated performance figures are not a true reflection of their carcase attributes despite all the sheep in the show team being the outstanding carcase sheep from our early selections.

We are offering a huge discount on semen prices of the selected semen sires from our show team and all these sires will be used in next years joining and benchmarked against our accurate high performance sires to gain a more accurate index. Pendarra 085244 "Cranky" already has some outstanding lambs on the ground exhibiting all the traits that he displays.


$1200/30 ewe doses


Illoura 070143  "Next G"                                 Pedigree and ASBV indexes

Introducing "Next G", purchased at Adelaide Royal 2008 and will be the first outside introduction to our sire base for a few years. This sire is a complete outcross for us and is all about balance and red meat yield as we move to the Next Generation in our breeding program. This impressive sire has all the attributes that we consider will become important in the lamb industry over the next few years; high red meat yields,  a smooth waste free carcase and a great softness of skin and wool indicating high meat quality and tenderness, as well as a very placid temperament. Great muscling through the loin and hindquarter, carcass depth and all in a very correct smooth frame and easy doing sheep.

This sire is extremely well balanced on both Lambplan ASBV's and raw scan data. Weighing around 130 Kgs at the Royal with a good balance of fat (11mm) and muscle (53mm), this sire is just what the lamb industry is demanding. The scanned muscle of 53mm was one of the highest at Adelaide and ensured this sire was one of the more impressive sheep making the 4th top price at the elite sale.

A ram with great type, high meat yield traits, easy care attributes; the ideal sire for the next generation in any breeding program.


PENDARRA 2007 RAM LAMBS  (click to see initial selections)

These selections are from the 2007 drop Rams. The 2007 drop are outstanding and the average C+ for these selected sires is around 200 with average muscle close to 2.0 and low birth weights.

The inclusion of data from the 2008 drop has increased the Carcase + values on many of these young sires with some very impressive lambs on the ground.


PENDARRA 2006 SIRE SELECTION     (click to view retained sires from 2006)

Some very interesting sires in this years selection with great carcase muscling and commercial focus.


Pendarra 4503/06

Pendarra 4483/06

Pendarra 4529/06





Semen and embryos have been collected from all the young Meikleson U20/98 crosses that have created plenty of interest in both the Suffolk and White Suffolk breeds. Their feed conversion ratio was outstanding in recent trials at Pendarra and they also scanned well for muscle compared to some of the more recognised muscle sires in the White Suffolk breed.


Semen has been collected from 4483/06, 4503/06 and 4529/06 and all these young rams have totally different sire lines on the dam side of their pedigree. Both 4483/06 and 4503/06 have been used in this years joining over White Suffolk ewes and are producing white lambs. All these young sires are structurally very correct displaying very good carcase characteristics and muscling.


All UK cross ewe lambs have had embryos collected with Pendarra 3050/04 as the joining sire. These ewes have been since joined to 3050 with lambs expected in late spring.

Both the embryos and ram crosses are producing a majority (80%) of pure white lambs with great carcase shape when crossed back to White Suffolks.


All enquiries regarding the purchase of genetics from this unique opportunity are welcome.



PENDARRA 2005 SIRE SELECTION     (click to view sires from 2005)


A selection of 2005 drop rams that either have been used or are intended for use at PENDARRA.

These 10 sires are possibly among the best carcase sires we have produced.

Included in this selection is Pendarra 3808/05, promising to be one of the outstanding White Suffolk sires. Most of these 2005 sires have been listed in, or just out of, the White Suffolk elites on the basis of the performance of their 2007 progeny.

$1500/30 ewe doses

Detpa Grove 486/04                            Pedigree & ASBV indexes

Outstanding young sire purchased by SuperWhite group with share retained by Detpa Grove. Part of the winning Tatiara lamb production class pairs at Adelaide Royal 2005, this young sire has exceptional length and carcase with a very smooth shoulder set. Great neck extension and presence adds class to this young sire and with lambs already on the ground at Detpa Grove, this sire with a very well balanced Carcase + index, has plenty to offer any breeding program.


Son of DG 486 sold for $17,500 at Adelaide Royal 2007, and another son topped the 2007 Detpa Grove annual sale at $12,000. DG 486 is producing many other outstanding progeny across many flocks.


$1000/30 ewe doses

Detpa Grove 641/04                             Pedigree & ASBV indexes

A great muscle package best describes this young sire who was placed 2nd in the August drop class at Adelaide Royal 2005. Was noticed by plenty of good judges at Adelaide Royal for his outstanding carcase, sire outlook, strength and correct frame and has continued to develop those attributes since then. Purchased in partnership with Almondvale White Suffolk stud, we are confident this young sire will breed exceptionally well and be a very safe ram over any ewe type.



$1500/30 ewe doses

Mount Ronan 572/03                                  Pedigree & ASBV indexes

They don't come any more stunning than this fellow. Has impressed all who have seen him and is an outstanding sire with some of top 2005 progeny on the ground at Almondvale and Pendarra. Great muscle and frame with an very soft and clean head, this "one out of the box" sire has great potential. Purchased in partnership between Pendarra and Almondvale with Mount Ronan retaining a share, we are confident this sire will have a big influence within our studs.

Currently one of the elite sires in the White Suffolk breed based on the performance of his progeny.

$1500/30 ewe doses


 GP 680    GP 417

Glen Park 680/04                                    Pedigree & ASBV indexes


This young sire was a stand out at the 2005 National White Dorper sale, Dubbo where he had one of the highest scanned eye muscle measurements in the sale. Scanning 45mm at 89.5 Kgs with only 5.5 mm fat he was purchased for the 3rd top price of $9,500. Great carcase depth and muscle make this sire a great addition to the Murrandi White Dorper Stud. A very correct sire with great carcase shape and bone.


Scanned progeny data has established this sire as the leading progeny tested muscle sire in the Dorper Lambplan database with an ASBV of 4.1 This is not only the leading muscle ASBV for the Dorper breed but puts it near the top of all terminal sires. A high Carcase Plus measurement  coupled with some very impressive progeny makes GP 680/04 an outstanding sire.


$1000/30 ewe doses


Glen Park 417/04


This classy young sire slipped under the guard of most at the National Sale at Dubbo. Weighing just 74.5 Kgs, he had an outstanding muscle scan of 42mm with 4 mm fat making him arguably the highest muscled ram in the sale when corrected for weight. A very soft sire with outstanding shedding ability and great style, neck extension and length, he is a very interesting sire and we are looking forward to seeing just what this young sire produces.


PENDARRA 2004 SIRE SELECTION      (Click to view 2004 sires)

A selection of 2004 drop ram lambs that are currently being used at PENDARRA with an a very impressive average Carcase + index

Sires in this selection;                                                     ***Pendarra 3050/04***

 Pendarra 3112/04

Pendarra 3086/04

 Pendarra 3238/04

All these sires are curently listed in the White Suffolk elites

PENDARRA 2003 SIRE SELECTION         (Click to view 2003 sires)

Click to see the selection of 2003 drop sires used as ram lambs at PENDARRA with a high average index;

Lambs on the ground look outstanding.

Sires in this selection;                                                        Pendarra 2264/03

 Pendarra 1697/03

 Pendarra 2291/03

 Pendarra 2732/03

$1200/30 ewe doses


Leahcim LAM 006/01                                   Pedigree & ASBV indexes
This ram created a lot of interest at Adelaide Royal 2002 where he was purchased for $5000. With exceptional length through the loin/hindquarter (over two thirds of measured length) he also has a great presence with tremendous neck extension and suffolk head. A registered White Suffolk ram containing 25% White Dorper blood, he has been fleece tested.

A high, well balanced Carcase + index with great growth, leanness and muscle ranking him amongst the top young sires in the White Suffolks.

LAM 006 was the outstanding sire in the PIRD National Sire Trial 2004.

See news 2005


$1000/30 ewe doses

Anna Villa 119/99                                          Pedigree & ASBV indexes
Champion Ram Kadina 2000. Performed very well at Adelaide 2000. A ram with a great high yielding carcase displaying length, bone, muscle and good through the shoulders. One of the top performance sires in the White Suffolk breed with great progeny in many studs. A benchmark sire within the White Suffolk breed and grand sire of many top sires.

Also one of the outstanding sires in the PIRD National Sire Trial 2004.

See news 2005


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