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Lochdale 23/01
Winner of a large shorn ram class at Adelaide Royal 2002 and puchased for top price of $ $9500 in Partnership with Wanden Stud. Has an unbelievable amount of muscling through the hindquarter, plenty of length and a great silky Suffolk head. Ranked No1 for muscling within stud, this ram will give you all you want, muscle, type and thickness along with soundness, bone and length.

Lambplan EBV's -

Carcase + 60:20:20 80:10:10



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Lochdale 23/01
—Aylesbury Farm 18/98
—AF 152/95

—Yundara 415/92


—Warrigal 10/92


—AF 126/95

—Advancer 2439/85


—Yundara 375/92


—Lochdale Y25/98
—Yundara 664/93

—Advancer 2439/85


—Yundara 454/92


—Punchgrove Stud PD ewe




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