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Penrise 63/01

A very correct, long,well muscled ram purchased by the Wanden stud at Adelaide Royal 2002. This ram is sired by AV 30/00, purchased as a ram lamb by Penrise and used with great results in the Penrise stud adding muscle and whitening sheep. Plenty of length and muscle in this well balanced, strong ram make him a very safe ram to use.

Lambplan EBV's -

Carcase + 60:20:20 80:10:10



5.95 -0.21 0.09



Penrise 63/01
—Anna Villa 30/00 —AV 277/98

—AV 70/97


—AV 119/93


—Rocky Bend 385/89





—Penrise (Retag) 177/97  











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